$2.1 billion spent on hinterland roads in 2021

The Ministry of Public Works, through its hinterland roads programme, expended $2.1 billion on the construction and rehabilitation of roads in Regions, One, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten in 2021.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, M.P, made the disclosure on Monday during the ministry’s year – end press conference, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, M.P

In Region One, Minister Indar said the ministry will concentrate on the construction of concrete roads and move away from the laterite throughfares in communities such as Mabaruma, and Kumaka to Kwebanna.

“Although we have the laterite roads and we did maintenance of those, we are pushing a kilometer of road every year to ensure the entire stretch is concrete, so, in Region One, we started that process there,” he explained.

A number of laterite roads in Region Seven, were also rehabilitated and maintained. These included the Kaburi and Puruni roads which were damaged due to heavy rainfall.

The ministry also executed works on some rigid pavements from Five Mile to the airstrip, as well as 1.5 kilometers of roads in the Bartica township itself.

For Region Eight, Minister Indar reported that $100 million was invested in community engagements projects for which a number of roads were done in Kopinang, Monkey Mountain, Paramakatoi and Chiung Mouth.

He added that major works were done on the Denham Suspension Bridge and a number of culverts in the area.

Additionally, in Region Nine, works were done on a number of roads from Lethem to Aishalton. Works were also done on two kilometers of asphaltic roads between Lethem to St Ignatius, along with two kilometers of sidewalks in Lethem itself. 

The concrete road under construction in Mabaruma, Region One

Further, major rehabilitation works were done on the Annai to Lethem Road which was severely destroyed by floods. In the South Pakaraimas, works were also done on sections of the road from Karasabai to Yurong Paru.

Works also continued on the Mabura corridor, Region Ten last year while attention was also placed on roads in Kwakwani, Rockstone, Muritaro and Malali.

“Heavy rainfall continues to be a serious impediment, as well as heavy-laden trucks that continue to use the road when there is a downpour and cause damage to the roads,” Minister Indar related.

Nevertheless, he said government is committed to ensuring resources are made available to ensure key roads in the hinterland are maintained and new roadways constructed to facilitate better interconnectivity and facilitate easier movement of goods and services.

In 2021, the Public Works Ministry received the sum of $44.6 billion to execute its mandate.