$2.3B Eccles to Mandela four-lane highway in final stages

─ completion expected in two weeks

The new Eccles to Mandela concrete four-lane highway is in its final stages and is expected to be completed in approximately two weeks.

This was revealed Monday by supervisor on the ground from JS Guyana Inc. Adish Ramnarace, who was at the time overlooking ongoing work on the roundabout at the point where the road meets Mandela Avenue.

“Right now, we over 55 per cent completion in the roundabout and in lot six we are about 60 per cent completed,” the supervisor said.

The road works were divided into six lots and consist of a four-lane road with dual carriageway of two lanes each and jointed reinforced concrete pavement in accordance with international standards.

Asked about the estimated completion time for the final lot and the roundabout at the end of the road, Ramnarace said that the next 14 days should be sufficient time for the culminating works.

“We are in loam stage right now; we are going to put on the crusher run and after the crusher run it’s [the applying of] asphalt. Then we have the concrete work around the roundabout to complete, so [that should be done] in two weeks’ time,” he said.

The four-lane road forms part of the East Bank Demerara alternate road link. It is expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion.

The project is scheduled to be completed by December, and is being undertaken by the Ministry of Housing and Water.

Contracts for the project were signed back in April and realises the commitment of the PPP/C Administration to advance infrastructural development.