406 Vacancies to be filled at GuySuCo Uitvlugt Estate

DPI/GINA, Guyana, Friday, June 16, 2017

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is providing employment opportunities to the public.  To this end 406 vacancies have been advertised to be filled at the Uitvlugt Estate, West Coast Demerara.

Chief Industrial Relations Officer, GuySuCo Deodat Sukhu said that these vacancies are opened to those interested in filling them. More specifically, these vacancies exist since workers of the Wales Estate have thus far refused to fill these open positions.

Some workers currently employed with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo)

Sukku pointed out that a small portion of reassigned workers from Wales Estates has started at Uitvlugt, however, to achieve targets more hands are needed. “We had identified all the harvesters and the support hands for the cane harvesters (from Wales) to be offered an opportunity to work at Uitvlugt, to date 51 persons have turned out to work at this area and we have a train, a consultation plan to go within the community, an outreach programme to encourage those additional persons to turn out to work.” Sukhu explained.

Sukhu further highlighted that accepting reassigned staff from Wales would not put a burden on the Utivlugt Estate since the improvement programme calls for a greater labour force. “As it is there have been concerns about the poor performance of the estate but this plan, it should one of those plans which encourages those employees to turn out.”

The job opportunities, in various capacities come at a time when the Corporation is improving production at the Estate under the Uitvlugt Estate Improvement Programme (UEIP). This programme will see the improvement of the estate double its current sugar producing capacity.

Vacant positions which have been advertised include 298 cane harvesters, 48 Planters, 15 Chemical Weed Control Hands, 12 Rangers, seven Harvesting Support Hands, six Field Inspection/Agronomy Hands, five Shovel men, five Fertiliser Hands and four Cane Transport Operators.

By doubling it production capacity, the Uitvlugt estate is seeking to meet a production target of 40,000 tonnes in the year 2020. As time progresses, additional vacancies will be advertised to be filled by members of the public


By: Delicia Haynes