43 homes for Sand Creek under Hinterland Housing project

─ “I never dreamed of having a house like”- recipient Janet Spencer

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Central Housing and Planning Authority on Friday handed over the keys to forty-three homes in Sand Creek Region, Nine.

The houses were constructed under the agency’s Sustainable Housing for the Hinterland Programme.

Fifty-four-year-old Janet Spencer one of the beneficiaries told DPI she will be enjoying better living conditions. “In this new house, I am more comfortable than before because things have improved for me and my children are comfortable.”

She recalled that living in her old home was very uncomfortable during the rainy season because the thatched roof leaked. “I am satisfied; I never dreamed of having a house like this and I am so happy,” Spencer stated.

Audrey Joseph and Bridget Joseph who are also home beneficiaries shared similar sentiments. Both women shared their relief to be in sturdy structures with proper rooves over their heads

The project also saw the rooves of seven home being replaced

CHPA’s CEO, Lelon Saul told the beneficiaries that the mission of the government is to provide sustainable housing for all Guyanese. The president he reiterated is committed to bridging the gap between the hinterland and the coast.

The Sustainable Housing for the Hinterland Programme is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank at a cost $666.5Million (US$3.1M).

The programme targets 29 communities including satellite villages in Region One and Nine. Sand Creek benefitted from approximately $65Million of that sum.