$434M more for Amerindian Development

The PPP/C Government is further executing its manifesto promise of bringing significant development to Amerindian communities, by allocating hundreds of millions of dollars in supplementary funds to advance their economic projects.

The National Assembly, Thursday, approved the sum of $434,000,000, which will allow numerous Amerindian communities to commence a project to better the lives of residents.

The money forms part of the Supplementary Appropriation Bill No.2.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, M.P,

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, M.P, said almost $200 million will be directed to projects in hinterland and coastal Amerindian communities.

“It ranges from wood mizers to develop the use of wood products within communities, poultry farming, organic agriculture, cassava processing, extension of cattle rearing in some communities, expansion of village ranch, more than one of those, the establishment of guesthouses, we have more than one of those in different regions, St. Cuthbert’s Mission, the completion of the Eco Lodge Cabin to name a few.”

Of the amount approved, a huge portion is going towards the completion of the tractor initiative, that will ensure the economies of Amerindian villages expand.

Minister Sukhai underscored that the mantra of the government is to accelerate the development of Amerindian communities, eliminating the gap between the hinterland and the coast.

“Our government procured 112 tractors to support agricultural development in the hinterland and also to provide a means of transportation for road building, forestry, etc. And so, the supplemental is intended to procure an additional 71 tractors, 71 trailers 71 chippers, and for the purpose of the house, Mr. Speaker, $205,900,000 will go towards a 50% payment for the cost of tractors and trailers and a sum of $35,429,000 will go towards 50% payments for 71 implements, which includes chippers and ploughs.”

As government pursues the development of Amerindians, the minister has already expended its budgeted $1.5 billion for Amerindian development.

So far, since entering office, government has reinstated the 2,000 Community Support Officers (CSOs) that were fired by the previous administration, immediately injecting millions, into villages by creating employment.

Some eight villages will also be receiving their land titles and extension of their land boundaries before the year ends.

Additionally, hundreds of Amerindians have already been trained to use computers, while others have been certified as tractor operators and solar panels installation and repairs technicians.

These are just some of the numerous measures Government implemented to support Amerindians.


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