$48.1 B approved for Ministry of Human Services

A whopping $48.1 billion was approved by the Committee of Supply Wednesday evening for the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security which will used for a plethora of projects and initiatives tailored to the needs of women, girls, vulnerable citizens and senior citizens.

One noteworthy initiative highlighted by Human Services Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud is the digitalisation of the ministry’s services.

This will see the development of a reliable information management service that will allow the ministry to track and monitor adoption cases while amplifying transparency.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud interacting with a few elderly women

“We are setting up the central authority to resume international adoption that is going to resume by the end of February and we are catering for the central authority now,” the minister noted in response to a question posed by the Parliamentary Opposition.

Additionally, the minister underscored that the ministry has undergone an overall expansion of its programmes. It also introduced new services while decentralising many of its traditional services.

Also, the monies are allocated for training staff to be prepared and equipped as the ministry transitions to digitalise services.

Meanwhile, Minister Persaud detailed how monies will be spent on its existing health, care and housing facilities.

 A tune of $67.5M is allocated for the Palms Geriatric Home while some $5.1M is allotted for Mahaica Hospital.

Some $87.4M is earmarked for the night shelter with $71M will be expended on the Hugo Chavez Rehab and Reintegration Centre.

Each domestic violence shelter will receive over $3M while the ministry’s Trafficking in Persons shelters will receive over $8 million.  

Minister Persaud took the opportunity to reiterate the government’s commitment to providing support to its vulnerable citizens.