$500M approved to further drive Men on Mission initiative

The National Assembly on Tuesday approved the sum of $8 billion for the Office of the President, with another $500 million specifically allocated for the Men on Mission (MoM) initiative.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira outlined key projects under MoM this year, including the construction of houses and assistance with the building of various facilities for elderly persons with disabilities.

Minister of Governance and Parliamentary Affairs, Gail Teixeira

Programmes will also be done for international days observances, a men’s health fair, and other empowerment programmes, as well as to strengthen families, and contribute to overall social development.

“And so, the half billion of course… [will be used for] humanitarian assistance, and vocational education and social training, but also trying to ensure that men are getting more involved in their communities, [and] their families,” the governance minister added.  

Last year, some $500 million was allocated for the initiative.

Minister Teixeira also disclosed that MoM constructed 50 homes for vulnerable persons including the elderly and single mothers in 2023.

Additionally, building materials were supplied to various regions to support projects.

Meanwhile, the families of the Guyana Defence Force officers who died in the helicopter crash were also assisted through the programme. 

“There’s a breakdown…coming up to approximately $29 million, with the assistance to the various families,” the minister highlighted.

Humanitarian assistance through the programme also amounted to $20 million last year.

A prefab building was also purchased to house the office of MoM, while vehicles were also purchased to facilitate and support its operations.