$58 M upgrade for the Palms

GINA, GUYANA, Friday, January 20, 2017

Construction works on going on the ground floor of the Palms where the infirmary will be located

Infrastructural works are well underway to improve the Palms geriatric home on Brickdam. Much needed renovations are being done to the oldest and largest geriatric home in the country. It is home to some 240 elderly residents

In addition to the infrastructural improvements, care services will also improve.

A medical doctor is now stationed at the home during the day and one is on call during the night. In serious cases, residences are referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Mavis Wiggins has been residing at the facility for six years. She said that the food services have improved. She suffers from diabetes. Wiggins welcomes the renovations. She said the walkways are low and during the rainy seasons they become flooding making it hard to more around.

An estimated $58M has been allocated for the development of the home.

A section of the Palms where construction is being carried out

The Administrator of the Palms Geriatric Home, Samantha Douglas, also welcomes the renovations. “This year we are doing a number of repairs. Ward three  is under construction, the ground floor …which would boost the ward for the residents that would re-locate back there. We are going to do some interior painting…install some lifts where it would make access to the ward much easier.

Douglas said there will also be training programmes for the staff.

Works are currently ongoing to have better driveways within the compound.

According to the Director of Social Services in the Ministry of Social Protection, Wentworth Tanner, the Palms will also benefit from the installation of three lifts; one in each building.

This will facilitate movement of wheelchair bound residents, meals and laundry among other services.

Plans are being discussed to collaborate with the Night Shelter to have residents of the Shelter treated at the infirmary when it is completed.

By: Zanneel Williams