$99M in contracts awarded to 100 small contractors

—500 jobs created

The Ministry of Public Works today awarded $99 million in contracts to 100 small contractors for weeding and cleaning services.

The contracts are expected to create 500 jobs across the country.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Hon. Deodat Indar handed out the contracts along with Permanent Secretary, Mr. Vladim Persaud, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

The Minister said when the Government took office, unemployment plagued the country and small businesses took a beating. With a promise to create 50,000 jobs, he said the Government, through the Emergency Budget, made allocations targeting small businesses.

“We made sure it was not designed for big businesses because what this was designed for is for the small man. Each person should employ about five persons to do the weeding because of the size of the lots you have been awarded… So, this simple gesture this simple move, this simple strategy, will put 500 persons back to work. What we are doing is creating employment for people,” Minister Indar explained.

The Minister also highlighted that 75 per cent of the contracts were awarded to new contractors. With that, he urged them to take pride in their work and to do it at a high standard.

Mr. Persaud echoed these sentiments. He reminded the contractors that service delivery is critical and a mandate of the Ministry.

The sum of $70 million was awarded for weeding and the cleaning of road shoulders and $29 million for river and sea defences. The works will be conducted along the coast and in the hinterland.