Access to transportation made easier for Bamboo Creek with brand new ATVs

The transportation woes of Bamboo Creek have been resolved as Senior Councillor Eustace Harry on Sunday received the keys for two brand new all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) from Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai.

Purchased from the village’s $10 million COVID-19 economic investment fund provided by the ministry, the ATVs will allow patients, students and villagers from Bamboo Creek and surrounding areas to be transported.

Senior Councillor, Eustace Sammy spoke to the Department of Public Information (DPI) and explained that the ATVs were much needed. He expressed appreciation to the government for providing the funds and for making their lives better through these initiatives.

Meanwhile, Minister Sukhai commended the village council for utilising the funds to the benefit of residents.

The village council was also praised for completing its capital project in record time – a $6 million bridge which was funded through the $3 billion supplementary fund provided for Amerindian development in 2022.

I want to congratulate this village because this money came in 2023 and you finished it already,” she stated.

Additional projects are being implemented in Bamboo Creek through development-driven initiatives including Guyana’s Carbon Credit programme and Presidential Grants among others.

Several households in Bamboo Creek also received their 165 megawatts (MV) photovoltaic system along with accessories, which will provide reliable electricity in their homes.

An additional 300 households in Paramakatoi also received their panels as well as residents from Bashville-Yawong.

Sports gear was also handed over to youths of Paramakatoi and Bamboo Creek, for the upcoming tournament in the North Pakaraima district organised by the ministry.

The minister is on a four-day visit to the district, where she will be engaging with villages on their development and addressing issues, concerns and challenges faced by the residents.

She is accompanied by the ministry’s Project Coordinator Besham Ramsaywack; Management Development Officer (MDO) Eliza Bascome; Community Development Officers Kurt Perreira and Anthonio George among others. Regional Chairman, Headley Pio is also accompanying the minister on her visit.