Achieving 50,000 jobs: 150 youths already employed at Linden Call Centre

-Another 150 to be hired shortly

The People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) remains committed to its manifesto promise of creating 50,000 jobs. In keeping with this promise, new jobs have already been delivered in the mining town of Linden, Region Ten.

In fact, despite only being established for a few months, the Midas BPO (Kara Kara Call Centre) has already employed 150 youths from this town. Importantly, the centre will be employing another 150 by the second quarter of 2022 and holds potential to hire as many as 1,000.

(From left: Midas BPO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Malcolm Sobers; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hugh Todd and Chief Investment Officer at the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) during Wednesday’s tour of the call centre

On Wednesday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd, along with Chief Investment Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest), Dr. Peter Ramsaroop, toured the Kara Kara Call Centre. The visit was a follow up to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the BPO and the Government in September last.

The Midas BPO

During a press conference following the tour, Minister Todd said the facility is a clear example of the government’s “bold initiative” to not only stimulate and drive the economy of Linden, but also create jobs through incentivising the private sector through the administration’s policies.

“Our framework for development is very inclusive, inclusive to the extent that each and every region is given careful attention – attention that allows each and every region to be serviced based on their needs and priorities.

An employee of the Midas BPO in Linden

For example, in Linden, we know that this town has gone through a lot of economic decay, social decline over the last five years. We knew that when we assumed office, we needed to push development in Linden,” the Foreign Affairs Minister outlined.

In addition to pushing for the creation of 50,000 jobs, the government has also liberalised the telecommunications sector, as promised in its manifesto. The liberalisation will aid in the expansion of investments like Midas BPO.

“This government cares about Region Ten,” Minister Todd expressed. “This government thinks about Region Ten and includes Region Ten in our development plans in every sector; in healthcare, education and as well as in driving business. We have great potential. Linden is going to be well-served going forward, because our agenda is inclusive. It leaves out no community and we know that people here are willing and capable and ready to be able to meet and enjoy the benefits this government will have to offer.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramsaroop highlighted the massive potential Guyana holds in the BPO industry. Through this expansion, he said he is confident that at least 25,000 jobs could be created in this industry across the country.

A team leader overseeing operations at the Midas BPO

“We are out looking for large operators to come and we are speaking to some of the big clients such as Verizon. They came in and evaluated all of the call centres in Guyana. We see Midas BPO and others expanding in this region, because there are people looking for work and that’s what people want; a steady work force,” Dr. Ramsaroop related on Wednesday.

During an interview with DPI, Midas BPO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Malcolm Sobers said the company is geared at creating a lasting impact through the creation of jobs, while restoring revenue to communities.

“Being able to provide jobs and make meaningful impact is greater than the bottom-line. We don’t want to be a nice shiny object you have for a short time; we really want to become a staple in Linden. The first goal is to become the largest private employer and we are looking to return real dollars back into the community.”

There are currently 20 youths in training who are seeking to become part of the Midas’ team. Lindeners currently employed at the telecommunication company lauded the government for paving the way for financial gain.