Agri ministry responds to malicious claims that Baracara farmers did not receive flood relief assistance

The Ministry of Agriculture condemns in the strongest possible terms, the malicious and bogus claims by the desperate APNU/AFC, that farmers in Baracara did not receive assistance as part of the government’s flood relief efforts.

These claims are a figment of the imaginations of the wild men in the PNC/APNU/AFC and are intended to play on ethnic sentiments- a known tactic of the opposition to foment strife and discord.

The truth is, following the floods, the Ministry of Agriculture deployed extension staff and regional officials to conduct several rounds of assessments in all farming communities in the country, which resulted in all affected farmers, including those in Baracara, who suffered losses as a result of the floods, benefitting from the relief grants.

Furthermore, the records will show that both livestock and cash crop farmers from Baracara benefitted from the grant, their signatures are on the distribution records of the Ministry of Agriculture. Additionally, fifty-one (51) cash crop farmers received cash grants for flood relief. Farmers also received limestone, fertilizers, and farming tools, along with vegetable seeds and seedlings. With regards to livestock, an additional fifty-four (54) farmers benefitted from relief grants ranging between $50,000 to $500,000.

On August 11, 2022, His Excellency President Dr. Irfaan Ali made a historic visit to Baracara and committed additional resources for farmers of that community and others in the Berbice River, including clearing of farmlands, drainage and irrigation works, setting up a bee-keeping operation, farming tools, seeds and livestock, including Black Giant Chickens and two replacement Brahman Bulls. These were all delivered to the community.

As a matter of fact, Baracara is the only community that benefitted from both financial and biological assets in the form of replacement bulls following the 2021 floods.

What we stated above was reported widely in the press and could be easily validated. However, we are not surprised the opposition chose to deliberately mislead the public on this matter in their deliberate bid to paint the People’s Progressive Party/Civic in a negative light. The reality is, the APNU/AFC is embarrassed at the fact that, for five years, it failed to provide any support to Baracara and many other communities with its fallacious claims to be its ‘stronghold’.

We assure all farmers and citizens of this country that the PPP/C will continue to govern in the interest of all Guyanese. We will continue to equitably distribute the resources to everyone.

We, therefore, urge the people of Guyana to ignore the racist campaign of the desperate and deflated opposition whose modus operandi is to create division and racial hostility among our people. Let us focus on the bright and promising future ahead as we work together in support of President Ali’s vision of a ‘One Guyana’.