Albouystown youth grateful for employment

-laud Public Works Ministry’s initiative  

With Christmas fast approaching, the youth of Albouystown are thankful for the opportunity to earn while clearing the community’s clogged drains and alleyways.

The contractual work comes after Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill visited the community two weeks ago and decided to grant jobs to the youth to make Albouystown more habitable.

“Right now, we just glad for the lil works what coming through for the holidays, so that everybody could get a lil bread [money]… The cleaning up is nice,” said Mr. Teairre Cush, one of the workmen hired from the community.

The young man said his team of workers hope to restore the image of Albouystown through their service. 

“Albouystown is not a bad place like everybody is talking, man. It got good people inside,” he said, as he lauded the dedication of his colleagues.

For Mr. Ronald Amsterdam, the work is an alternative for residents who may not have the aptitude for white-collar jobs.

“We born and grow here,” he said, “so, the most we could do is take the lil opportunity ’cause remember not most of we might probably got the education to go into the office and them thing and get work.”

For 21-year-old, Mr. James Walcott, the job has come at an opportune time.

“I feel great and thankful for the Lord [and] the person in charge of the business. He gave me the opportunity that I can get a Christmas dollar ’cause my birthday is around the corner.”

Mr. Walcott, who braved the morning sun on Tuesday, was enthused to be part of the crew that started working Saturday. “It is a stiff work that you just got to put your mind to.”

Residents in the area were quick to sound their support for the initiative.

“It is a good thing the Government doing, cleaning up the ghetto and them thing [to] keep Albouystown clean,” said Mr. Kenneth Tappin, a water vendor in the community. 

“The drain deh like this bout over five years, six years just like this and nobody ain’t doing anything… I live in a downstairs. I got to pray to God sometimes when the place floods that water don’t get into my house to spoil my things,” he said. 

Another resident, Mr. Ricardo Khan, added, “this is a good job them man doing… desilting work is the best work for this community.”

Contractor, Mr. James Walcott, who is also a resident, considers himself privileged to serve his community. The contractor said his crew refers to themselves as the ‘A-team’ because of their swiftness and steadfastness.

“The payment is good because you see everybody smile and working with joy… As long as they comfortable with payment, the work gonna go on,” Mr. Walcott underscored.

Two weeks ago, Minister Edghill said his Ministry would seek to enhance Albouystown, even though it falls within the purview of the Mayor and City Council.

“We can’t sit by and allow the people and the residents of Albouystown to suffer. The Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali administration has pledged to the people of Guyana that development will come to all the people and Albouystown is a part of the city and we will take care of the residents of Albouystown in ensuring that we get this drainage and irrigation done.”

The Ministry’s Urban Roads and Drainage programme is financing the project. 


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