Allottees in Ordnance/Fortlands sign agreements of sale for homes, house lots

Persons allocated low-income homes and house lots at Ordnance/Fortlands, Region Six, on Friday signed their Agreements of Sale during an outreach held at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) compound in New Amsterdam.

The process was spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), Sherwyn Greaves.

Mandy Vanbrook, one of the beneficiaries, shared her excitement as she is one step closer to moving into her own home.

She revealed that she applied for a house lot in 2012, and has been paying rent for years.

“I’m living in a rented house for the past eight years. It’s been stressful it’s $40,000 a month now, and that money can pay a mortgage,” Vanbrook told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

She expressed gratitude to the government for the opportunity and praised its housing initiative, which allows low-income families the opportunity of homeownership.

CHPA’s CEO, Sherwyn Greaves handing over the agreement to a beneficiary

 “I am very proud as a mother of two, having this home on behalf of the government’s initiative,” another beneficiary, Fonnet Ross shared.

She said the new home is a great stepping stone for her and expressed happiness that she can now provide a safe and comfortable space for her family.

CHPA staff during the outreach

Meanwhile, CHPA’s CEO said the objective of the activity is to facilitate a smooth transition for the allottees to move into the houses as soon as they are completed.

“The last time we checked, earlier this week those houses were 95 to 100 per cent completed. We don’t want those houses sitting idle, we want persons to move in,” he stated.

The CEO stated that all of the allottees have initiated the process to secure their loans at the banks for purchasing their homes.  With the Agreements of Sale in place, they can now continue the process.

“We envision that by sometime early next month, those persons will be able to move in,” Greaves emphasised.

He stated that all the necessary infrastructure, including roads, drainage systems, bridges, culverts, as well as water and electricity services, have been implemented in the new housing development.