Amerindian land titling increased under the PPP/C Administration

We are back on track with our commitment” – Minister Sukhai

Amerindian Affairs Minister, Pauline Sukhai, on Saturday told indigenous communities in Regions Seven and Eight that the PPP/C Government is moving ahead with its commitment to the Amerindian land titling programme.

She said that the Amerindian Land Titling (ALT) team is moving from community to community as part of the verification process that began in 2014, but was later abandoned by the APNU+AFC Administration.

Pauline Sukhai, Amerindian Affairs Minister

Minister Sukhai, in speaking to residents, articulated that since her party took office in 2020, the process has resumed.

“The PPP/Civic Government since we came into office, expanded the percentage of land owned by Amerindians from six per cent to almost fifteen per cent, [this is] more than 100 per cent [increase] in terms of square miles or acreage … and [we have] to bring onboard new communities who had applied for titling, and we are now back on track with our commitment,” the minister said.

The minister also reminded residents that between 2015 to 2020 the APNU+AFC Administration did not deliver a single new demarcation, extension, or titling of settlements.

She also said that progress on the community of ‘Four-Miles’ demarcation had begun under the PPP/C Administration with an end date for completion. As such, that was the only title that the previous administration could have claimed they delivered to the Amerindian communities.

Moreover, the Amerindian Affairs minister spoke on the progress that the government through the ministry has accomplished to date.

“In less than a year, in fact within the first eight months of us taking office, we have already distributed two settlement extensions, and have completed five demarcations” minister Sukhai disclosed.

In its manifesto, the PPP/C government stated that the rights of Guyana’s Amerindians and their access to opportunities will be high on the its agenda because of its track record – in working to improve the lives of indigenous people across Guyana.

The first promise that was made to the Amerindian people in the manifesto was to immediately resume land titling and this is a promise fulfilled by the government.