Back the govt’s vision – Min Sarabo-Halley tells Melanie residents

–  govt hasn’t fulfilled all its promises, as it was busy fixing ‘broken’ undertakings of previous govt

– “this govt has done more for this country than any other govt over the last 20 years”

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, November 9, 2019

Minister of Public Service, Hon. Tabitha Sarabo-Halley has urged residents of Melanie and surrounding communities to support the vision of the APNU+AFC Government and re-elect them to continue building upon the foundation laid over the past four years.

The minister said while the government has not been able to fulfil all its promises, it has been busy fixing what the previous administration left “broken,” and now needs the mandate to build on the foundation laid.

“You would have heard the president speak about his vision for Guyana; what the resources of oil will do under the APNU + AFC Government, and I can say that it is a vision worth backing… This government is saying once oil money starts to flow, some of those resources will go into ensuring we have an educated nation and what that means is that the amount of money you have to spend to get that education will significantly reduce, almost none and I think that’s a vision worth voting for,” Minister Sarabo-Halley said.

Recounting the state of societal decay and poor education inherited from the previous administration, the minister said it is government’s vision to ensure every citizen gets access to the highest quality of education since education is a tool for fighting the ills of society.

I want us to recognise that over the years education was neglected but this government has recognised the deficiencies and has plunged billions of dollars into the education sector because it recognises that once the education sector is developed, and the young people can access the education they deserve, the country will be better off.”

Also, the minister encouraged residents to recognise the large number of positives achieved in the short time the APNU+AFC has been in government.

“What has happened over the last 3 to 4 years? What do we expect moving forward? There has been an increase in wages for the public service, there has been an increase in old-age pension, an increase in the minimum wage over 50%, improved infrastructure, improved examination results… Government has had some missteps, but we can all agree that this government has done more for this country than any other government over the last 20 years.”

Further, Minister Sarabo-Halley, who has been at the helm of the Public Service for about six months since her appointment, asked persons present to consider the limited resources available to government and compare it to the quantum of work required to ensure every citizen, in every community, enjoys the good life as promised by the Coalition Government.

“We have to be sincere with what it is we are saying it [development] may not be at the scope and the level that we would have wanted, remember we are working with limited resources… but that will change once that oil revenue starts to flow and the vision that the government has for the length and breadth of Guyana is to ensure that there is infrastructural development, social development educational development… At the health care level, there would be development. What is proposed for next year for Melanie… there’s a fire station that is going up, there will be a diagnostic centre. Melanie will be a hub. There’s a vision for this community to develop beyond what has already been developed and that’s a good thing for Melanie,” Minister Sarabo-Halley declared.

Earlier on Saturday, the minister visited the community as part of its outreach to villages on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD). She visited sections of the community, listened to concerns of residents and undertook to seek solutions which will bring relief soon.

The community meeting was attended by dozens of residents who pledged their support for the APNU+AFC government.


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