Bartica infrastructural works progressing

─ municipality aims to meet year-end target

Deputy Mayor of Bartica, Nageswari Kamal Lochanprasad

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The infrastructural development project for the municipality of Bartica, Region Seven are moving ahead, according to Deputy Mayor, Nageswari Kamal Lochanprasad.

In an earlier interview, Lochanprasad told Department of Public Information that, “the works are moving along well, however, there is also space where more can be done. This has resulted due to the inclement weather which is a major factor in the progress of the development of Bartica,”

In particular, the Deputy Mayor noted that the rains having somewhat slowed the progress of the rehabilitation of roads and drains. However, she assured that the Town Council intends to complete the projects within the period of time stipulated. and provide quality work to the residents within the period

 “Contracts and money have been allocated for the rehabilitation of the roads in Bartica. These are crucial since they provide residents access to their communities, school etc. Therefore, the municipality hopes to meet their year-end targets,” Lochanprasad said.

In the 2018 National Budget, the region allocated a total of $2.5Billion while $2.2Billion is allocated for current expenditures, $620Million towards the delivery of regional health services and $255Million for capital expenditures. The allocated sums are spent on regional administration and finance, public infrastructure, education delivery and health services.

Neola Damon

Image: Jameel Mohammed