Bartica one step closer to becoming the “green town”

DPI/GINA, GUYANA, Sunday, June 25, 2017

The township of Bartica in Region Seven, Cuyuni Mazruni is now closer to becoming the ideal green town it’s slated to become. The Ministry of Communities launched its “Ten Thousand Trees Planting (3TP) Project” on Saturday at the West Indian Housing Scheme Park under the theme, “plant a tree for you and me building communities from people up.”

Minister of Communities,Ronald Bulkan plants first tree in Bartica at the West Indian Park to launch the 3TP project

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, in his brief remarks said trees are vital to the survival of our planet. He explained that trees aid in mitigating global warming hence, the importance of valuing trees. This initiative which seeks to plant over ten thousand trees in the commitment of the Ministry towards fighting climate change.

“Trees beautify the environment, provide shade and food so trees aid in our short term and long term survival hence the Ministry of Communities is actively participating in this initiative,” Minister Bulkan explained.

The Minister urged the residents to actively participate in this project which will contribute in making Bartica the ideal green town and create sustainability of the community and country at large.

Special Projects Officer, Ministry of Communities, Karen Roopchand echoed the words of Minister Bulkan that indeed trees have great benefits such as assisting with climate change and providing food, timber as well as medicine.

Regional Chairman, Region Seven, Gordon Bradford plants second tree to launch the 3TP project in the region

Roopchand highlighted that the 3TP project is intended to promote participation in the local sustainability of communities. She noted that for the next three years the Ministry will collaborate with municipalities, local democratic councils and the residents towards the transformation of communities in all administrative regions, where residents will be proactive and caring and protecting towards their communities.

“Ten thousand pest control trees will be planted across Guyana to create sustainability of communities, but this process will only work by participation from the residents as well as Regional Democratic Councils,” Roopchand stated.

The Special Projects Officer alluded to the creation of the West Indian Park which was a swamp but now transformed into a beautiful place where children can play, those seeking inspiration can find it and a place to bring people together. She said just like that achievement Bartica can become a sustainable community through the 3TP project. She called on the residents to plant a tree plant a tree water it and make it survive.

Special Project’s Officer, Karen Roopchand, President, Guyana Association of Municipalities, Carwyn Holland, Mayor Bartica, Gifford Marshall, MOC, Ronald Bulkan and Regional Chairman, Region Seven, Gordon Bradford seated at the table at the launch of the 3TP project in Region Seven at the West Indian Park

Bartica Mayor, Gifford Marshall used the opportunity to highlight the many accomplishments and prospective developments for Bartica.

The Mayor declared that he was inspired by President David Granger who charged him to make Bartica the green town and is satisfied with progress made in the region so far.

He highlighted that one such notable developments is the rehabilitation of the Baidaraba dumpsite which was in an appalling condition. He added that the West Indian Park, though not completed is also a significant achievement for the region.

He said the park has seven benabs, a fountain which when completed will represent the many rapids and three rivers which represent Bartica.

Mayor Marshall indicated that in a few weeks, works will commence on the Golden Beach Boulevard which will be created with two open spaces. He added that the Bartica market will also be transformed into a green space with natural lighting and an integrated waste management system.

“Works are also ongoing at the Town Hall to make it a model compound. These projects represents a visionary council and most importantly is the beginning of a new thought process….Bartica must not be defined by the rum shops, street parties but must be defined as a model community where family is strong and our social life benefit health and wealth,” Mayor Marshall underlined.

Regional Chairman, Region Seven, Gordon Bradford and President, Guyana Association of Municipalities, Caryn Holland were also in attendance at the launch of the 3TP project.

By: Ranetta La Fleur


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