‘Berbice Mash’ returns bigger, better with vibrant display of colours, diversity

The Region Six (6) annual Mashramani Costume Parade returned on Sunday in New Amsterdam with vibrant colours and diversity on display, following a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mashramani, an Amerindian word meaning ‘celebration after hard work’ is being celebrated under the theme ‘Mixing and Mashing As One Guyana’.

Spectators and vendors came out in their numbers to add to the excitement of the celebrations.

The return of the Mashramani float parade was met with excitement and joy by spectators and vendors who are capitalising on the event for economic purposes.

One such vendor was Althea Lindo who told the Department of Public Information (DPI), “I feel good to know I can come out and be able to do my business and so, but nevertheless it’s great, we’re having fun.”

Matthew, another spectator, expressed, “I feel good because I know GT ain’t get to enjoy their mash because rain washed them out and Berbice, you see how we bless. I know this thing (mash) is gonna be big.”

Nicole Subrian who was content and enjoying the vibes said, “I feel happy coming out today mashing because the 23rd was my birthday …. what I expected came true, it’s very nice here, full of excitement.”

“Berbice mash is kicking it,  I love the music, I love the vibe, …coming together as one, it could be nothing better. Celebrating after hard work is the vibe, big up to Berbice,” Paul Meusa, another excited spectator exclaimed.

Meanwhile, others expressed that the float parade is another way of positioning Region Six as a tourism destination.

Keisha Hamid expressed, “We feel very excited, it’s good for Region Six, this is the biggest mash that I saw so far in all the mash that I went to and I am happy that all the ministries are here to support us . I think it’s gonna be great for tourism …so it’s gonna be great to bring persons here to Region Six and I hope that after they finish with the mash then they can come back and visit all these places that we have.”

“I feel really excited, I am glad and I am happy that Berbicians are actually getting a true taste of mash, after a very very long time. So, I am very much supportive of this initiative and I hope this is just a taste of bigger, better to come for Region Six…this means a lot, this means that things are happening here , we don’t need to go till to Georgetown anymore, this is just unbelievable, the turn out is incredible after a very long time, ” Denicia Henry, PRO for the Regional Toursim Committee in Region Six added.

“This is we spirit in Berbice..so we glad it return to Berbice,” another spectator, Marcelos Hut stated.

A number of agencies and ministries including the Ministry of Public Works, Office of the Prime Minister, Central Housing and Planning Authority and the Regional Democratic Council participated in the float parade.