Bids open to construct more schools in Region Nine

The provision to construct more educational facilities across the country continues to be of top priority for the government to ensure accessibility to learning becomes easier for the nation’s children.

As such, the government through the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Nine has opened bids for the construction of several nursery schools in villages across the district.

These villages include Koneshen, Deep South Rupununi; Kwatamang, North Rupununi, Quarrie, and Moco Moco.

According to the RDC, the construction of these nursery schools will each cost some $13.9 million.

The constant investments in new schools nationwide reflect the government’s commitment to reducing classroom overcrowding and fostering spacious and conducive learning environments.

Meanwhile, bids have been opened for the construction of a duplex teacher’s quarters at the Apoteri Primary School, and according to the engineer’s estimate, the project will also cost $13.9 million.

The living quarter will see teachers who live far from the school occupying the space free of cost.

Moreover, students of the St Ignatius Female Dormitory will soon be dwelling in an improved environment, as bids were also opened for the rehabilitation of the dorms. This project is slated to cost approximately $9 million.

Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NBC) procedures.

All bids must be accompanied by a valid certificate of compliance from the Manager of the National Insurance Scheme and Commissioner of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Persons who wish to bid for these projects are expected to deposit their envelopes in the tender box at the Regional Tender Administration Board located in the compound of the RDC no later than February 26, 2024, which must be addressed to the chairman.

The bidding documents can be uplifted from the public works department which is also located in the RDC’s compound.