BIT programmes benefitting a wide cross-section

─ 95 complete 6-month BIT courses at the ETI

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, October 17, 2019

Forty-five-year-old Ulie Alexander and 16-year old Yogeshwairie Lagan are from Essequibo in Region 2. With the age difference between the two Essequibians, you might think they have nothing in common – and you would be incorrect.

Alexander is a serving police officer, and Lagan just completed her secondary education. Both are among the most recent batch of graduates to complete courses offered by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) at the Essequibo Technical Institute. Chatting with the Department of Public Information (DPI), on Wednesday, at the graduation ceremony held at the Essequibo Technical Institute, the women said, signing up to BIT ‘put an end to time wasted and opened doors to new ideas’.

Alexander said her love of cooking led her to enrol in the food preparation course, which has opened doors to new ideas. “I love to cook, I love to bake cakes, I love to be in the kitchen… In the near future, when I retire from the Guyana Police Force, I plan to form a group, and I will teach what I have learnt here, and then we will impart our knowledge to young people.”

Lagan, who is more than 30 years younger than Alexander, highlighted that after completing her examinations, she was uncertain what career to pursue. However, the young lady said the electrical installation course has pointed her in the right direction.

“It was always my passion from childhood to learn things in the mechanical and electrical field. So, after school, I decided to pursue my dreams…. and I am so happy because I am more than a step closer to positively contribute to Guyana,” Lagan remarked.

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Industrial Training, Donald Ainsworth, in his remarks to the graduates, encouraged them to share their experiences with their peers. “The skills you received must not be squandered. BIT has invested in you, and now you must invest in yourselves to be successful…be dedicated and be consistent,” he stressed.

Regional Executive Officer for Region 2, Denis Jaikarran told the graduates that they possess the tools to develop themselves as well as their families and communities. However, he noted that commitment must be applied for success. “You have to ask ourselves, ‘what do we do after this graduation’, and once you are prepared to answer this question, you are then prepared to do two things. See worth in the investment in yourselves and be able to use the skills given to you beneficial.”

Ninety-five persons graduated from the Essequibo Technical Institute completing courses in Electrical Installation, Food Preparation, Welding and Fabrication and Heavy-duty equipment. Thus far, for October, over 700 persons would have benefited from the Board of Industrial Training Programmes.