BIT, UNFPA hosting three-day health, wellness training programme

Trainers attached to the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) will benefit from three days of holistic training in health and wellness to boost their competency level.

Trainers from each of the ten administrative regions gathered at Duke Lodge on Tuesday, for the training.

CEO, Board of Industrial Training, Richard Maughn and trainers

It is a collaboration between BIT and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

BIT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard Maughn said the programme is a way to expose the trainers to best practices.

“This is nothing new for the Board of Industrial Training. We have been having our life skill trainers exposed to various training to boost their competency, so we have confidence in what they deliver.

 “We also do our professional development sessions with them so that they can have current information,” he said.

Mental health, sexual reproductive health, personal health and fitness are topics which will be discussed at the sessions.

BIT has also included gender-based violence aspects into the training, which will see persons learning about the components of sexual violence, among other aspects.

“We realise that a lot of the trainees that are coming to us, there are certain mental health issues or challenges that they are having, so we wanted to make sure they are exposed and they have information and that persons are receiving help as they come to our programmes,” the BIT CEO noted.

Maughn further highlighted that trainees will gain skills to be more employable.

“We do a lot of things that have to do with critical employability skills so that persons who are leaving the training programme have the skills needed to not just get that job but to keep it.”

The training is expected to be completed on Thursday, December 15.