Businesses applaud return of GuyExpo

Exhibitors have expressed their elation with the return of Guyana’s biggest exposition to the National Exhibition Complex in Sophia, after a seven-year hiatus.

The exposition which showcases a wide range of locally manufactured products and services in Guyana’s diversified economy, attracted a large number of patrons on its second day, since being officially opened on Thursday.

DPI spoke with several persons who are part of this year’s activity, starting with Irene Bacchus-Holder who has been participating in the Exhibition since its inception in 1995.

Bacchus -Holder is the owner of Amazon Authentics which specialises in making craft from timber.

“I’m happy that GuyExpo has restarted so that we could be able to showcase our new products and also try to secure new markets for existing products…so I’m a veteran I have been coming to GuyExpo since the inception,” she stated.

Sayyid Ferouz, a manager attached to Twins Manufacturing, said the family business, has been in operation for the past 50 years and in recent times it has been adapting to the market by pushing the concept of healthy, organic, vegan products.

“GuyExpo has always been a big part of our business, we always enjoy every year coming to GuyExpo, so after a few years of it not being around, for it to come now, we went all out, we want to interact with our customers, we want to see what they think about the products, have them see new products, get some products, it’s important for us to get growth and feedback from our customers, very important,” Ferouz stated. 

Water Drop Guyana, is a new company that used this year’s GuyExpo to introduce the business to the public.

Public Relations Officer, Eishael Canterbury, said the company is seeking to fulfil the need for customers to access clean water. 

“We have counter top water filters, we have them on display right now, we have small pouches and a straw that you could use on the go, so if you are hiking its small enough to fit in your bag, so you could use it on the go and we also have under the counter water filters, so you could attach it to your pipes and the water comes out clean enough for you to drink,” Canterbury stated.

Jennifer Chichester is also a first-time exhibitor at GuyExpo. She sells plants, a business which started as a hobby.

“Ithink it’s a good experience in terms of showcasing what you have, because you have a lot of persons here and they can come and see what we have in Guyana, what we sell, what we produce, what we do with our own hands and so forth,” she noted.

Sheridan Dyal is an 18-year-old, who started a business called ‘Teen Hussle’ and is pleased to be part of the exhibition.

“As an adult who just turned 18, I felt it was important to make my mark on the scene as an adult and bring my business out and let everyone know that a teen is hustling to do her thing hence the name ‘Teen Hussle’… I have this business is just proof to see that I have put my knowledge that I learnt in school to action and I’m here today successful in what I’m doing,” she stated.

Jesmond Williams, Representative of the Small Business Bureau said the agency’s presence at the expo is to enlighten persons of the support they can get from the agency.

“Most persons tend to think that we only do financing in the way of loans, maybe grants but we do so much more, we offer extensive training in many different areas, such as book keeping, such as financial statement preparation, WhatsApp for business, delivering quality service in and amongst others, we also do a lot of sponsorships for our clients,”he noted.

As the exposition continues, it promises to deliver a captivating blend of business networking, cultural immersion, and entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on all who participate.