Capital works to boost Surama tourism sector

─ to mostly benefit tourism project

─ Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs allocated $4M to support village projects

DPI, Guyana, Monday, May 13, 2019

Surama, a tourism-driven community in the North Rupununi, Region 9 is moving ahead with its 2019 village capital projects.

This year, the government through the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs allocated approximately $4M to support the village projects which includes; the upgrading of the Bush Mouth trail which leads to the bridge which provides access to the Borabora River. The Borabora River leads to the Siparuni River into the Essequibo River thence to the Iwakaroma Field Station, according to Councillor, Ronaldo Cabral.

“This will mostly benefit our tourism project, and we also have a few farms in this area, and that’s why we embarked on this project,” Cabral told the Department of Public Information (DPI), adding it is imperative that the project is completed before the May/June rain starts. “The level of the water will almost reach the height of the bridge, but sometimes that water will reach higher and will lead to some 200 to 300 meters from the bridge through the trail,” Cabral explained.

Additionally, the village is receiving support to revive its woodworking centre. The centre will target young people for the production and supply of furniture to the schools and villagers, based on orders.

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock, who visited and inspected works done on the bridge said that he was impressed with the quality of work by the villagers thus far.

These projects are part of the ministry’s 2019 capital programme and aim to support community economic ventures; Amokokopai/Phillipai’s (Region 7) farm to market trail will receive $2M for its upgrade, while St. Deny’ s/Tapakuma trail will receive $2M. For bridges; Sand Creek catwalk to get $1M, Wakapao (Region 2) $1M, Kangaruma (Region 7) $4M and Kwatamang (Region 9) to receive $1M.

Synieka Thorne

Images: Anil Seelall