Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination (CSEC) May/June 2020 Results


A total of 12,009 candidates were registered for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) 2020 examinations as compared to 11,467 registered for 2019. Subject entries for 2020 were 70,710.

An analysis of the 2020 results revealed that the overall pass rate at the General and Technical proficiencies for Grades One to Three was 75.99%. The overall pass rate has improved from 2019 where a pass rate of 73% was attained.

Improved performance was evident in fifteen (15) subjects. While it remained constant in nine (09) subjects and declined in eleven (11) subjects. Outstanding performances were noted in twelve (12) subjects where 90% and over gained acceptable Grades (Gr 1 – 3).

Some subjects with outstanding performances were Agricultural Science (Double Award) with 97.27%, Industrial Technology – Electrical with 95.78%, Information Technology with 93.89 %, Physical Education & Sports with 99.9%, Religious Education with 91.16% and Theatre Arts with 98.93%.

Mathematics and English

Grades One to Three passes in English A remained constant with a pass rate of 77.91% in 2020 as against 77% in 2019. English B improved significantly from 58.1% in 2019 to 78.03% in 2020.

A noted improvement was recorded in Mathematics with a pass rate of 48.66% in 2020 as against 43% in 2019. Additional Mathematics recorded a pass rate of 74.3% in 2020.


Agricultural Science DA and SA continues to record pass rates of over 90%, Agricultural Science DA pass rate for 2020 is 97.27% and SA pass rate is 96.67%. Improved performances were recorded in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Integrated Science.

Biology moved from 77% in 2019 to a pass rate of 83.63% in 2020. Chemistry recorded a pass rate of 71.6% in 2020 as against 62% in 2019 and Physics moved from a pass rate of 70% in 2019 to 80.63% in 2020. Integrated Science moved from a pass rate of 69.1% in 2019 to 79.8% in 2020.

A decline in performance was noted in Human and Social Biology with a pass rate of 59.37% in 2020.


Mixed performances was noted in the business cognate. Economics secured a pass rate of 72.07% in 2020 as against 68% in 2019. The pass rate for Principles of Business remained constant in 2020 with 87.79% of the cohort gaining Grades One to Three. A decline was recorded in Principles of Accounts where the pass rate moved from 83% in 2019 to 79.28% in

2020. Office Administration pass rate showed a slight decline from 88% in 2019 to 87% in 2020. Electronic Documentation Preparation and Management attained constant performance with a pass rate of 97.36% in 2020 as compared to 97.2% in 2019.

Humanities and Expressive Arts

A constant performance of 76.26% was noted for Geography in 2020. Religious Education pass rate declined from 100% in 2019 to 91.16% in 2020 and Caribbean History pass rate declined in 2020 as compared to 2019. Caribbean History gained a pass rate of 64.49% in 2020 and 68.1% in 2019. Social Studies recorded a pass rate of 67.86% in 2020.

The performance in Theatre Arts remained constant with a pass rate of 98.93% in 2020 and 99.4% in 2019.  Visual Arts pass rate moved from 71% in 2019 to 78.81% in 2020.

TVET Subjects

The Technical and Vocational Education cluster of subjects recorded pass rates of over 75% in 2020. Industrial Technology – Electrical recorded a pass rate of 95.78% in 2020 as against 93.4% in 2019. Industrial Technology – Mechanical and Building recorded a pass rate of 99.44% and 98.45% respectively. Food Nutrition & Health improved from 91.2% in 2019 to 92.51% in 2020, Family and Resource Management also showed an improvement from 85.2% in 2019 to 86.63% in 2020. An improved performance was noted in Textile, Clothing & Fashion with a pass rate of 79% in 2019 to 86.95% in 2020.

Modern Languages

French recorded an improved performance of 77.61% in 2020 as against 73.1% in 2019. Portuguese recorded a constant pass rate of 80.36% in 2020 while Spanish moved from 68.3% in 2019 to 66.62% in 2020.


Outstanding Performance (90% and over Grades One – Three)

Subject                                                                         %

Music                                                                             100

Physical Education & Sports                                         99.9

Industrial Technology Mechanical                                 99.44

Theatre Arts98.93
  Industrial Technology Building  98.45
  Electronic Document Preparation & Management  97.36
  Agricultural Science (Double Award)  97.27
  Agricultural Science (Single Award)  96.67
  Industrial Technology Electrical  95.78
  Information Technology  93.89
  Food, Nutrition & Health  92.51
  Religious Education  91.16

Subjects with improved performance Grades I to III

There were three subjects with double digits’ percentage increase.

No.Subject2019 %2020 %% Increase
1English B58.178.0319.93
2Integrated Science69.179.810.70
5Textile, Clothing & Fashion7986.957.95
6Visual Arts7178.817.81
11Industrial Technology Electrical93.495.782.38
12Industrial Technology Building96.6398.451.82
13Family & Resource Mangmnt.85.286.631.43
14Food, Nutrition & Health91.292.511.31
15Agricultural Science SA95.9296.670.75

Subjects with stable performance Grades I to III

  No.  Subject  2019 %  2020 %
  1  English A  77  77.91
  2  Geography  76.3  76.26
  3  Music  100  100
  4  Principles of Business  87  87.79
  5  Theatre Arts  99.4  98.93
  6  Electronic Document Prep. & Management  97.2  97.36
  7  Physical Education & Sports  100  99.9
  8  Portuguese  81.2  80.36
  9  Industrial Technology Mechanical  99  99.44

Subjects with declined performance Grades I to III

No.Subject2019   %2020   %
1Agricultural Science DA98.7497.27
2Caribbean History68.1764.49
3Information Technology9893.89
4ffice Administration8887
5Principles of Accounts8379.28
6Religious Education10091.16
7Social Studies70.467.89
9Human & Social Biology6259.37
10Additional Mathematics8074.3
11Technical Drawing96.188.71

Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) MAY/JUNE 2020 Individual candidate performance

A list of candidates who have secured Grade Ones in eight or more subjects was requested from the Caribbean Examinations Council.  In response to our request, a list of three hundred sixty two (362) candidates was received.

Of these, fifty (50) candidates secured twelve (12) Grades One or more and includes the Top 10 as follows:

School                                          Name                                 Results obtained

1. Qu e en ’s College                        Bhedesh Persaud              22 Ones        1 twos

2. Anna Regina Secondary          Duvina Seurattan               19 Ones        2 twos

3. Anna Regina Secondary          Swasti Saytoo                    18 Ones        3 twos

4. Saraswati Vidya Nikitan            Geveshwar Rajkishore       18 Ones        1 twos

5. JC Chandisingh Secondary      Reyah Khemraj                  17 Ones        3 twos

6. Saraswati Vidya Nikitan            Shivnarine Chaitram          17 Ones        2 twos

7. Saraswati Vidya Nikitan            Shivshankar Chaitram       17 Ones        2 twos

8. Saraswati Vidya Nikitan            Atishta Seenarine              17 Ones        2 twos

9. Saraswati Vidya Nikitan            Chaitra Singh                     16 Ones        3 twos

10. A b ram s’ Zu il S e co n da ry            Tabitha Alves                     16 Ones        4 twos

The following are number of candidates per Government Schools from the three hundred sixty two (362) candidates listed by CXC with 8 or more Grade Ones:

Region                    School                                                    No of Candidates

1Port Kaituma Secondary02
  2Anna Regina Secondary27
 Abrams’s Zuil Secondary10
 Aurora Secondary06
  3West Demerara Secondary17
 Zeeburg Secondary04
 Leguan Secondary02
 Leonora Secondary01
 Stewartville Secondary01
 Essequibo Islands Secondary01
  4President’s College18
 Annandale Secondary07
 Hope Secondary06
 Diamond Secondary05
 Covent Garden Secondary01
  5Bygeval Secondary05
 Rosignol Secondary03
  6J C Chandisingh Secondary15
 New Amsterdam Secondary13
 Skeldon Line Path Secondary06
 Berbice High06
 Corentyne Comprehensive Sec05
 Tagore Memorial Secondary03
10    Mackenzie High                                            08

GeorgetownQueen’s College50
 St Rose’s High30
 The Bishops’ High22
 St Stanislaus College13
 St Joseph High10
 Central High05
 North Georgetown Secondary03
 Brickdam Secondary02

Top 2020 CSEC performers in Hinterland Regions

RegSchoolName of Student# SubjectsGrades
1Port Kaituma SecondaryKeron Williams129 grade 1s 3 grade 2s
73 Miles SecondaryAckeem Williams106 grade 1s 4 grade 2s
8Paramakatoi SecondaryLaura Carvalho75 grade 2s 2 grade 3s
9St. Ignatius SecondaryAshley Rodrigues107 Grade 1s 3 Grade 2s

Ameer Ali, ACEO – Exams (Ag) Dept. of Examinations Ministry of Education


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