Celebrating Guyana’s premium product

─Guyana Tourism Authority launches Official Rum Route

─advocates ‘no drinking and driving’

DPI, Sunday, February 16, 2020

Guyana’s first-ever rum fest kicked off with a bang. The event is one the many activities planned in celebration of the nation’s 50th Republic anniversary, celebrated one of the country’s premium products – its rum!

One of the highlights of the event was the launch of the Guyana Tourism Authority’s official Rum Route. The route is an itinerary for travellers to visit the home of the world’s best rum and bridges the past with the present as visitors can learn about Guyana’s history.

British High Commissioner to Guyana H.E. Greg Quinn, described the event as a perfect attraction for Guyanese and tourists alike.  “In retrospect, we should have had [Rum Fest] a long time ago…celebrating one of Guyana’s finest products, and certainly in my view, the finest rum in the world,” H.E. Quinn said.

The rum fest attracted local and foreign patrons. Brendan Tarnay from California, USA, said “I was very excited to see there was a rum festival…I am far more impressed than I was expecting. It’s really great [and] the rum is awesome! It was another way to have an experience with Guyanese.”

Guyanese Saskia Nelson and Latoya Zaffer hope the festival will be held annually.

“It gives me a good jump start for the 50th [republican] anniversary…hyping me up for the year. It’s an amazing event and I hope it sets a trend for what we can expect for the rest of the year,” Zaffer said.

One of the persons who made this event possible, organiser Yonnick David, said it is a huge accomplishment for himself and team.

“We must have events that reflect our Guyanese culture,” David specified. He reiterated the event’s advocacy for ‘no drinking and driving’ alongside the partnership with Unity Taxi Service readily available for all patrons.

Saturday’s opening featured Parkside Steel Orchestra, Flip Cup, Mixologist Competition, Dog and the Bone, Sal Out, an after-dark fete among others.

The two-day event continues today and gates will be open at 4pm.