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– National Award Ceremony honours outstanding performance

̶  Education Ministry continues to create opportunities for every child

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, October 31, 2019

Students from as far as Region 2 and 9 were among the dozens honoured at the National Award Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

The ceremony awards outstanding performers from all education districts for NGSA, CSEC, CAPE, CPCE and TVET institutions, such as Carnegie School of Home Economics (CSHE) and Government Technical Institute (GTI).

This is the 23rd such ceremony held to celebrate the accomplishments of students, along with their teachers and parents.

Education Minister, Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry explained that this year’s performance is testimony to the deliberate investments in education.

“Our job at the Ministry of Education is to create opportunities across our education system, to develop every student, to reach their full potential. That is not only providing education for a few students at our more prestigious schools but rater, creating opportunities for every child in Guyana.”

As Guyana continues to excel in education, the Caribbean Examination Council has invited four students to Grenada to receive awards for best overall performance in the Caribbean in several subject areas.

Guyana is poised to receive the award for the Best School at this year’s CSEC examinations due to top CSEC student Riana Toney’s performance.

The Ministry of Education has been investing in schools all across Guyana to bring them up to par with the conventional top schools.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson noted that the educational feats achieved by junior secondary schools this year are a testimony that the interventions are paying off.

“There was a time when the names of the Queenstown, Lodge, Kingston all those different schools, you may not have heard their names in terms of excellence but that has changed and will continue to change as we apply ourselves to improving the education system,” he remarked.

Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration) (ag), Ingrid Trotman said that the goal of the ministry is to provide affordable, accessible and quality education for all.

Guyana has had a momentous year in education, achieving the highest pass rate at the CEC level in the Caribbean and Guyana’s history.