Citizens’ needs will be addressed with 2024 nation’s fiscal plan – MP Mahadeo

Member of Parliament, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo Monday evening underscored that 
the 2024 National Budget was strategically crafted and will cater to the needs of the ordinary Guyanese.

In his contribution during the opening of the national budget debates in the National Assembly, MP Mahadeo reiterated that the $1.146 trillion fiscal framework was fashioned in the people’s best interest.

Member of Parliament (MP), Dr Vishwa Mahadeo

He backed up his position by highlighting numerous community meetings and consultations held with Region Six residents led by the local government arm in that area.

“They [RDC] had over 600 community meetings across the length and breadth of Region Six; from Siparuta, Orealla…Baracara in the Canje area…Consultations across the board. At these meetings, residents were allowed to air their concerns, ask questions and make suggestions. Based on these suggestions, the RDC management and administration guided the way forward, that is how this year’s budget, the PPP/C’s budget was crafted,” the government parliamentarian stated.

Additionally, senior government officials including President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali; Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, and ministers were actively on the ground in Region Six engaging the people.

MP Mahadeo highlighted the many projects undertaken in the education sector by the current government, including the maintenance of schools across Region Six totalling some $25 million.

In 2024, over $27 million will be spent to continue this maintenance programme in the region.

School children are expected to benefit from over $1 billion in the Because We Care cash grant which will see each child receiving $40,000 and an additional $5000 in uniform allowance.

Construction of a new secondary school in Orealla will commence this year and rehabilitation of educational facility in Region Six will continue.

According to Dr Mahadeo, in Region Six, over 2,000 persons were awarded scholarships through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) programme and more are expected to be awarded in 2024.

In the area of healthcare, a new state-of-the-art hospital will be constructed at No 75 Village and another at New Amsterdam. Both institutions will provide quality healthcare and services such as surgeries, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), and CT Scans among others.

Investments in the agriculture sector, social welfare, job creation, and other integral areas were also highlighted.