Commencement of the Secondary Rainfall Season

The Hydrometeorological Service is reporting that increased rainfall is expected as northern Guyana transitions into the second Wet/Rainy season of the year. The secondary rainfall season usually begins in the second half of November and continues until the end of January to mid February the following year. The rainfall season is driven mainly by the southern migration of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and upper atmospheric features such as the subtropical jet and troughs. Over the past two weeks the Hydrometeorological Service has observed that these systems are beginning to affect Guyana affording the conditions for increased rainfall activity and the commencement of the rainfall season, marginally ahead of the usual commencement period.

Given the arrival of the rainfall season, water accumulation in areas with compromised drainage is expected; this can lead to localized flooding/flood related hazards, an upsurge in mosquito breeding, moisture related pests and water borne diseases.

The Hydrometeorological Service strongly urges that careful attention be given to short-range forecasts provided by the Hydrometeorological Service’s National Weather Watch Center (NWWC) in order to plan daily activities, especially by persons involved in agricultural sector and those inhabiting flood prone areas. Further, there are several periods of above normal high tides forecasted in the coming months, which when coupled with the forecasted weather conditions can have severe localized impacts on the livelihood of the citizenry. It is therefore incumbent upon citizens and responsible agencies to take all necessary steps to prepare for the commencement of the rainfall season and the associated impacts on all sectors.

The Hydrometeorological Service will provide updates to its seasonal forecast and warnings as new information becomes available. For short range forecasts and weather analyses, stakeholders are advised to follow the Daily Weather Briefs, Outlooks and Advisories produced by the National Weather Watch Centre or visit The Forecast Desk can be reached at 261-4489/261-2216 on a 24-hour basis.