Construction of 50 more houses to commence soon in Hampshire, Region Six

The village of Hampshire in Region Six is set to receive a boost in affordable housing as construction for 50 more houses is scheduled to begin soon.

This was disclosed by Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal during the steel and cement subsidy distribution in the region last Wednesday.  

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

 “In another month or so, we will prepare the area for the construction of another 50 houses in the Hampshire area. But we will be doing another model, not the current model. We will be upping the type of design and the other one will be more like the middle-income,” the minister explained.

He noted that the houses in Hampshire will cost about $7 million each.

Minister Croal highlighted that the government is making heavy investments in the housing sector, as it recognises the importance of making homeownership easier for Guyanese.  

“We also want to play a role in helping you to live a better quality of life. As Guyana develops and more resources become available through the patrimony from our royalty…so will be more injection to you, for your personal upliftment and development,” the housing and water minister added.

The construction of the first 100 single-flat, low-income two-bedroom houses was completed in Hampshire/Williamsburg in December 2022, each measuring 20 x 30 ft.

These houses are intended for young professionals and vulnerable populations with disposable income to commence building, as well as house lots for private housing developers.

The ministry received a $71 billion budgetary allocation, which it will use to build housing units, the requisite road networks, and other infrastructure to support these expansions.