Construction of Lusignan Prison 70 per cent complete

The construction of the Lusignan Prison is moving apace and is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of this year. This was disclosed by Director of Prisons (ag) Nicklon Elliot on Friday, after a walkthrough of the facility.

“Currently the construction work on this location is about 70 per cent complete and we are on schedule and that is dependent on rainfall at the moment, but we are scheduled to be completed by the end of March this year,” Elliot said.

Ongoing construction of the Lusignan Prison.

The $1.2 billion facility is a commitment of the PPP/C Administration, following the destruction of sections of the Georgetown and the old Lusignan prisons.

It also forms part of the administration’s manifesto promise to create safer prisons with improved conditions. Upon completion, the facility will house approximately 1000 inmates.

However, aside from providing comfortable conditions for inmates, the new prison will also focus on their rehabilitation. This will see the construction of a school where inmates can further their academics or learn a trade.

Elliot said when the facility is completed, inmates will almost immediately be housed in the building. “The operationalising of the building on completion would just be about a week or so,” he stated.

The three facilities being constructed was contracted out to Mohamed’s Construction and Real Estate Agency, M&P Investment and Nabi Construction Inc.