Corentyne residents issued farming land leases

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) today distributed thirty-six leases to residents of the farming communities of Nurney and Kildonan on the Corentyne.

For more than two decades residents have been waiting to have the lands officially handed over, and the wait has been wearisome.

The distribution ceremony was held at the Kildonan Community centre.

GLSC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Trevor Benn said the commission had undertaken, over the last three years to give all rights to the farmers to utilise the land. He said the commission was pleased with being able to offer hope to the recipients and encouraged them to make use of the lands.

“Once you receive titles for this land, it is an expectation that you will put it to economic use. It is for your benefit and we hope that it is productively utilised for you and your family,”

The recipients include rice and cash crop farmers. They were elated that their prayers were answered.

84-year-old Marvie Albert of Limlair village said farming has been in her family for generations. She said now, her children and grandchildren will continue along the path.

“At least I am doing it for the younger ones to come. the plan for the land is that the young ones could make use of it as I am the old one, I fight to get it. I fight that the young ones could keep it up,” she told DPI.

Another farmer Compton Collins could hardly contain his emotion. “I feel so happy to have my lease for the very first time. Thank God I have my own place that I can plant now. I feel like crying right now because I farm, I work very hard,’.

Lloyd Hawker was no less thrilled over today’s exercise. He too received his lease for the first time. He also plans to pass on his “legacy” to his children.

Former public service worker Michael Patterson said that with retirement upon him, he is now venturing into rice cultivation like his grandfather.

“I feel like we were well rewarded because it was a long process with uncertainties along the way. But we are happy that we have people who are very concerned and caring about the interest of this community and the people of this community. I feel very elated because our ancestral lands are being taken care of.”

GLSC’s chair Paulette Henry said the entity remains committed to ensuring that all citizens enjoy the good life. Land, she said is like money, and should be invested in wisely.

The commission takes its distribution to Kwakawani on Friday.