“Councillors are elected to serve the people” – Min. Trotman

– Min. Trotman disappointed at the state of Campbellville

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, August 11, 2019

Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman has sent a stern warning to persons who are elected to serve the people but are neglecting their duties.

At a public meeting held on Sunday afternoon, at the Camp Town Community Centre in Campbellville; Constituency 3, Minister Trotman did not shy away from telling residents that he was disappointed at the state of their community, and the fact that they were not being properly represented at the municipal level.

“If you are a councillor for a community, you are a Councillor for everyone, and it is quite sad to see the state in which you are being made to live.”

He added, “so, if it is that your councillor, whoever he or she is, has abandoned you, some of us have to take over.”

The Natural Resources Minister conducted a walkabout in the community where he met with residents to listen to their concerns. Following the walkabout, he engaged more residents at the community centre.

Later, as the meeting got underway, Minister Trotman’s sentiments were echoed by resident Ivor Anderson, who reasoned that the councillor for the community needed to be replaced.

Agreeing with Anderson, resident Adrene McAlmont said they [residents] have suffered for way too long. “The councillor for this area, I don’t know where to find him, we are not seeing him, we seeing Mr. Mentore [Deputy Mayor of Georgetown], but we not seeing the councillor.”

In this regard, Minister Trotman noted that he will be accompanying them to the next statutory meeting of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), to raise their concerns.

Among the other matters that received the minister’s comittment were; immediately assisting with the clearing of old tyres in and around the community, which contribute to mosquito infestation. He has also committed to relaying to the relevant agencies matters such as clogged drains, illegal construction on government reserve, health matters and rehabilitation of the Camp Town Community Centre.

Minister Trotman will be returning to the community later this month.

Sunday’s meeting and walkabout in the area is part of a larger outreach being conducted by the ministers of government to meet and listen to the issues of citizens at the grassroots level.