CPCE attracts more than 1,847 applications

Ministry of Education, Guyana, Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) wishes to inform the public that it is currently interviewing prospective students for the 2016-2017 intake.cpcee

CPCE continues to attract large number of applicants. This year CPCE received more than 1,847 applications for its programmes: Associate Degree in Education (Two Years); Associate Degree in Education (One Year); and, Trained Teachers Certificate (Three Years).

Subject to a process of verification, 721 candidates have the requisite academic entry qualifications for the Associate Degree in Education (Two Years) Programme, while 574 of them applied for this Programme pending results.

The Associate Degree in Education (One Year) Programme attracted 77 applications, 50 of whom have the requisite academic entry qualification, while 30 of the 125 persons who applied to the Trained Teachers Certificate (Three Years) Programme have the requisite academic entry qualifications.

Given the overwhelming number of qualified applicants and in keeping with the needs of the Education System, priority is being given to eligible applicants who are currently serving in the system. Applicants from the riverain and hinterland areas and applicants for the secondary level in critical subject areas such as Mathematics, Home Economics, Industrial Technology, Information Technology, Physical Education, Modern Languages, Music and Science will also be given priority.

Other applicants will be selected based on the needs of the Administrative Region in which they intend to serve following completion of their Programme.

A point system is being used to make the selection objective. Eligible applicants who are not selected this year and are still desirous of pursuing teacher education and training at CPCE  will not be required to reapply next year and will automatically gain a point, which would be considered in the selection process for the 2017 intake.

CPCE regrets any inconvenience caused.