CPGs join fight against COVID-19

DPI, Guyana, Monday, April 20, 2020

Community Policing Groups (CPGs) across the country have been working in their respective communities to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

This was disclosed in a press statement issued by the National Community Policing Organisation of Guyana (NCPOG) today.

According to the release, the CPGs have made various contributions in the fight against the virus in their respective communities.

“The CPG in La Parfaite Harmonie has been working with the Guyana Police Force, to enforce the national curfew. While in Parika (Region 3), the CPG aided in sanitising the streets and installed a sink with hand sanitisers for public use,” the release stated.

It also disclosed that the Berbice (Region 6) CPG along with Liaison Officer Robin Mohabir, recently assisted teachers from Sheet Anchor Primary School in the distribution of biscuits and juices to children in the communities of No.2 Sheet Anchor and Fort Ordinance East Canje Berbice.

The Region 6 CPGs also conducted an exercise to distribute face masks and encourage hand sanitising at the Number 76 Market,” the statement underscored.

The NCPOG said that the organisation will continue to help combat the virus and be of assistance to communities nationwide.

CPGs are present in every region with over 200 groups and over 5000 members.