Cuban Medical Brigade made way for modernised healthcare in Guyana – Minister Cummings

GINA, GUYANA, Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The work of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Guyana has paved the way for other initiatives that will enhance efforts to further modernise and improve the healthcare system in Guyana.

Dr. Karen Cummings, Minister within the Ministry of Public Health awards a certificate to Medical Laboratory Technician, Dr. Ada Josefa Valides Perez

Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings made this statement when she delivered remarks at the farewell ceremony for the outgoing Cuban Medical Brigade last evening at the Regency Suites, Hadfield Street.

The Minister extended gratitude to the outgoing Cuban Medical Brigade team for their work in Guyana.  “We at the Ministry of Public Health recognise the intrinsic role Cuban healthcare professionals have played, and in some measure continue to play, in our local public health system,” Minister Cummings stated.

The brigade led by Cuban professor, Dr. Midalys Otero Hernandez has demonstrated profound competence and professionalism, the minister stated. “I can assure you that Guyanese are very satisfied with the work done by your team. Together, you have worked to save many Guyanese lives, and therefore what you have done is priceless,” Minister Cummings said.

The minister further outlined that Guyanese have been benefitting from the services of Cuban medical professionals since 1978. The medical brigade spearheaded a number of outreaches to hinterland regions, providing surgeries, saving lives and bringing relief to persons in need.

Two of the doctors; one medical laboratory technician and one dentist, highlighted their work during their tour of duty in Guyana. The lab

Members of the outgoing Cuban Medical Brigade at the farewell ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Public Health

technician, who was assigned to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, Dr. Ada Josefa Valides Perez said her service was important to Guyanese since she provided chemistry, urine and Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests among other services.

The dentist, Dr. Alina Bernal Veliz said, “I worked for three years in (the) Leonora Cottage Hospital, I got plenty (of) experience there and I did plenty things for the people, surgery, filling, extraction, cleaning.”

Guyana and Cuba have shared diplomatic relations for more than 40 years. These relations had satisfied health and agriculture sector demands which benefitted the entire Caribbean Community (CARICOM). The health care professionals on the brigade attained excellent coverage in their respective areas of health care delivery at the hospital to which they were assigned.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Trevor Thomas also spoke at the farewell. “I have noted that there is a fairly good mix of medical professionals and medical staff, we have anaesthetic nurses we have, ultra sonographers, we’ve had medical doctors among them, we’ve had persons doing blood banking and so on, and I believe that not only you have been able to make a contribution, but I rather suspect that you have been also able to share your expertise and your knowledge with many of your Guyanese counterparts.”

Eighteen (18) doctors and other medical professionals served a three-year period at public hospitals in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five Six and Ten.


By: Delicia Haynes