Development for all regardless

DG Harmon tells Yupukari residents

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, November 23, 2019

The message of the Coalition Government’s move to ensure development for all regardless was welcomed by Yupukari’s residents when Director General (DG) of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon hosted a community meeting.

Noting the historic connection and service of the community’s elders, the senior government official recalled the contribution of former MP Abel Dorrick, who passed in 1983; an uncle of the current community leader – Toshao Russian Dorrick.

DG Harmon noted the Central Rupununi community’s development under the Hood Excellency, President Granger-led administration as part of the push to ensure all of Guyana does so in an equal way, “regardless of where you are, you will receive development in an equal way.”

He explained that the recent commissioning of the four-lane and round-about in Lethem was part of the effort to bring the “good lie.” The granting of the community’s extension, under Toshao Dorrick’s leadership, was also noted.

“We are looking at total development”, DG Harmon explained noting that roadway alone cost an estimated $500 Billion. “We have a sound record of achievement in developing our communities, and we want to continue this development.” DG Harmon cited the example of the funding given to the education sector, for example and its impact on students and youths in Hinterland communities.

“We are going to transform Guyana into an education nation,” he said, adding that the work started under the Coalition is something all should be proud of, and once re-elected, will continue.

The Director-General also cited the fact that Guyana is being described as the fastest-growing nation economically, and assured the Yupukari residents that all will benefit from the oil and gas revenues to be realised by early 2020.

The issue of outstanding salaries for teachers was acknowledged by DG Harmon who committed to it before the end of this month. A unique “six-top” programme, which caters for students unable to attend secondary school, will see another junior secondary school being built in Lethem. This school will accommodate students qualified for secondary level from the primary but currently unable to do so.

Toshao Dorrick, acknowledged the development in the 183-year-old community and thanked the government for its efforts to boost the region’s development. He also expressed his gratitude to his village council for their support since taking office close to one year ago.

He also requested, that upon the Coalition’s return to office, that several projects be realised through the Village Improvement Plan. These include the construction of a community Secondary School, a temporary rest home for parents visiting their children attending school at St. Ignatius, more ICT training for teacher and health workers and transportation for CCPG’s regionally

An invitation, to visit in January 2020, was also extended to His Excellency,xx President David Granger by Toshao Dorrick.

The interactive meeting saw villagers calling for better things to come, building on the administration’s impressive track record thus far. Among requests made, was the shifting of the main roadway away from its current proximity to the school; school computers; more solar-powered lights for the teachers’ quarters, additional funding for the HEYS programme; the rehabilitation of the playfield and assistance in lobbying for a cell-phone tower.

The conclusion of the meeting saw donations of safety gear, clothes and sporting equipment handed over to the community, by DG Harmon.