Diwali message from Mayor Ubraj Narine.

Deepavali is a very auspicious occasion for Hindus across the world. The foundation of Hinduism is the essence of unity in diversity. This is applicable in our country where multi-ethnic, multi- cultural and multi- religious groups make up our national citizenry.

Deepavali is a time of great religious significance, a spiritual symbol of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. This festival as we know represents light, vision, illumination and enlightenment. It is not simply lighting the physical Diya itself, but using this Diya as a symbol; the clay diya represents the body, the oil signifying everything we pour into our mind and body, and the wick symbolizing the medium through which our qualities are displayed, being our thoughts, words and actions.

Taken to the level of the nation, the triumph of good over evil reassures us that our adversities and challenges can be overcome and that we can also shine in society regardless of the darkness around us.  We are at a time in our country where we need to remember that ‘good will’ is victorious, that hope and love will triumph over darkness and despair. We must remain hopeful and trust that our prayers will be answered and that our faith will not go in vain. There is a tremendous potential for Guyana to transform its economy, for our strength comes from our unity and only when we are united, we can overcome darkness.

It is my belief that the nation comes to life with each festival, and the joy that we experience at these times help us to cope with stress of daily living  and reminds us that we are capable of being joyful human beings. Joy comes from the participation in each festival, the unity in families and communities, in the variance of food and culture, the enjoyment of music and entertainment

As people across our beloved nation gather together to illuminate their homes, their communities and their hearts, let us be the light we want to see in the world, and let our little lights fill the world around us so that we can share greater knowledge, affection and compassion to our fellow brothers and sisters.

I take this opportunity to wish the entire nation a Shubh Deepavali.


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