Drainage and irrigation systems being improved in Region Two

The Government through the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is expending millions to improve the drainage and irrigation systems across Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) to prevent flooding and provide relief for farmers and residents.

In an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) Regional Vice Chairman, Humace Oodit said some of the drainage and irrigation works being rolled out are requests made by farmers.

“We have been engaging all farmers, all rice farmers, cash crop farmers and livestock on almost a daily basis. And because of that engagement, we would have some activities that relate to the upliftment of the farms which is important,” he made this statement at the RDC on Sunday.

Region Two Vice Chairman Humace Oodit

Oodit said the council have already deployed a large number of excavators to targeted flood-prone areas where farmers are mostly affected.

This, he said, has seen the digging of 12 canals in Karawab so far and the commencement of 5 in St. Monica, Karawab to ensure farmers can return to their farmlands.  Likewise, in lower Pomeroon, the RDC has two excavators executing similar works.

Additionally, a block drainage system will commence shortly, Oodit said “it aims to not only be an individual benefit but a benefit for the entire block of farmers.” The system once started will ensure drainage and irrigation can be properly managed in the Pomeroon area.

The coastland area of Charity, which is prone to flooding will see two
station pumps being installed soon.  The pumps totalling some $544 million will help to easily drain water from the residential housing scheme and farmlands directly into the Pomeroon river.

Oodit added that with the ongoing works the region will return to its former glory in the agriculture sector.

“At one time Pomeroon use to supply the entire country with coffee, orange, lemon, pear and karabola and we saw a reduction of these because of the flooding. And with this input that our government is putting in to help them to do better drainage work and heighten the farmlands will certainly bring them back to farming in the area of Pomeroon and Charity,” he said.

Meanwhile, two smaller 100 cubic pumps amounting to some $261 million will be installed in the Cozier area to benefit the new developing housing scheme that will accommodate some 300 households and farmers.

Two more pumps will be installed in the nearby village of Andrews to the tune of $528 million.

The Vice Chairman also added where all the pumps are being installed, sluices are also stationed close by. To this end, the government will have all wooden sluice doors replaced with stainless steel, to cut maintenance costs by half.

The replacement works have already commenced in Aurora, Westbury and Lima. At Lake Capoey a new irrigation structure to the tune of $265 million is being constructed and will have a similar stainless-steel door feature. Works are expected to be completed within two months. The new sluice will be able to reduce the water level in Queenstown, Affiance and Three Friend areas.