Exciting learning experience in pipeline for youths through new ICT Apprenticeship programme

The Office of the Prime Minister’s Industry and Innovation Unit will be launching its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Apprenticeship programme in July.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information on Tuesday, Outreach Officer at the Unit, Jennifer Persaud-Boodhoo, said the programme aims to provide an enabling platform for young people to become involved in ICT.

The programme targets young persons who wrote Information Technology (IT) or Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM) at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination and will offer them opportunities for professional and technical advancement.

The programme is currently in the planning stages, and the unit is engaging several government and private sector organisations to come on board.

Already, PBS Technology (formerly Massy Technology), a regional tech company specialising in various forms of ICT solutions for government, financial, retail and commercial sectors, has signed on to become part of the programme.  

Persaud-Boodhoo explained the unit is hoping to have approximately 20 students who already completed CSEC or CAPE this year, and who have a passion for or are interested in ICT.

There will be a screening for persons who apply, and once they pass this small test, they would be sent to various organisations.

“We’re hoping that they will gain some real-world experience, and expose them to mostly the technical and operational side of information technology, and we’re hoping that through this programme, the agencies will inspire them to pursue careers within the sector, and maybe provide a platform to catapult then into the industry,” she explained.

The apprenticeship period is expected to last for three months.

“We’re not promising that, but we are hoping that this programme provides a platform for job creation,” she said.

Recognising that ICT forms an integral part of everyday life on a global scale, the unit consistently innovates platforms and programmes meant to strengthen its usage to contribute to Guyana’s socioeconomic development.