Expression of Interest out for 30,000 bpd oil refinery in Berbice – President Ali announces

says Region Six well positioned to become centrepiece for growth and development

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfan Ali said the Government of Guyana has invited Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the establishment of an oil refinery in Region Six.

President Ali made this announcement while speaking at the opening of the 16th Berbice Exposition and Trade Fair at the Albion Sports Complex, Corentyne Berbice, On Friday evening.

As I speak to you today, we are about to launch a new ad for requests for proposals, and that request for proposals is for a new 30,000-barrel (per day) refinery for national security to be built in Guyana, here in Region Six.”

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair

He said the government will be receiving those submissions within two months from those who are interested in investing in the refinery.

Such a development will create enormous opportunities in the area of transport and logistics, services and the construction and rental industry that will bring tremendous benefit to the people of the region, the head of state highlighted.

In all of this, Region Six is well positioned to be the centerpiece for growth and development,” President Ali emphasised.

Even as the PPP/C Government is pursuing these large investments aimed at stimulating the local economy, it is investing in large projects to support these endeavours.

President Ali said the administration is working on an aggressive programme not only to construct a new Berbice highway, but implement other projects that support the national developmental trajectory.

He said that the government is currently evaluating the need for a new Berbice River Bridge that will not hinder the development of the Berbice River.

That will allow development on both sides of the Berbice  river like we have in the Demerara River. We are contemplating that and while we are contemplating that, we are at the stage of planning the work for the new highway all the way to Molson Creel in preparation for the new Corentyne River Bridge.”  

Other plans for Region Six include the development of a new economic hub at Palmyra. The area will be equipped with a commercial zone, hotels and shopping malls and a national stadium. Plans are also in train to develop a municipal airport and to establish a national training institution to equip persons in the oil and gas and hospitality sectors. Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal and Minister within the Ministry, Susan Rodrigues, Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill and Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha were also in attendance.