Feasibility study for potable water well to be conducted at Wakapoa

Min. Rodrigues makes commitment during Region Two outreach

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, MP, has committed to sending a technical team from the Guyana Water Incorporated to conduct a feasibility study for a potable water well in Wakapoa, Lower Pomeroon, Region Two.

The minister was on the recent two-day Cabinet outreach in the region, which was led by His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan. Rodrigues, MP, before addressing residents in Wakapoa, Pomeroon River

Minister Rodrigues visited several communities, where she listened to the concerns of residents and assured them that they will be addressed in the shortest possible time.

At Wakapoa, Minister Rodrigues also committed to making representations for a doctor to be sent to the community which has approximately 1,900 residents. She assured them that the vacancies for three teachers that currently exist will be filled shortly with teachers from within the community.

The minister told residents that the outreach is a fulfillment of the PPP/C Government’s promise of taking government services to the people in the ten administrative regions.

“You would have seen in various sectors whether it is education, whether it is health, whether it is infrastructure, housing whichever sector it is you have seen us delivering on our commitments, delivering on our promises and we are here to implore you again that we will never break that connection and we will also always ensure that we keep those commitments for the next four years and so we are making ourselves accessible to you.

“We [ government] want to take this opportunity to remind you of the commitments that we made in our manifesto to assure you that we are very much committed to every single one of the promises that we made.”

Minister Rodrigues added that, “we never want to relinquish that direct connection with our people.”

Those matters that were outside of her sector, the minister said would be elevated to the respective ministers for immediate action.

Meanwhile, Toshao of Akawini, Rudolph Wilson said his village has seen much improvement during the first year of the Government.

“Well as for us, as the people of Akawini village we can see great development because we have gotten a lot of things like for example we have an emergency boat, which we have received from the REO through the government, we have even received our children cash grant, we are now receiving this flood relief. They have also assisted us greatly in the cleaning of the creek and many other things they have done, at least we can see progress going on.”

Several residents raised their concerns at the meetings.

Monica Williams an elderly farmer, said she appreciates the interest the Government is showing in her village.

“When no one looks down upon us … he [President Ali] takes part, he looks upon us, he helps us in different ways and sends small packages and he doesn’t put us down as Amerindians like the previous government, you know put us aside but he remembers us.”

Headteacher of the Wakapoa Secondary School, Andre Smith also commended the Government for its work in the community.

“Very good, I think this is the forum that we should raise our concerns with the bigger heads and I know that the government is working and they will see that things happen in Wakapoa not only in Wakapoa, but all in because if you listen to honorable minister their hearts is on indigenous communities.”

Maria Charles, a midwife, said the Government’s assistance has made it easier to store vaccines for children in her community.

“Government has assisted us greatly, for example they provided an emergency boat for the community at 75 horsepower so in the case of an emergency we have a boat that is accessible to us. Since the government is in office, they provided us with a freezer so that we can store our vaccine which can be stored for at least one month. This prevents us from going to charity.”

The matters raised at the outreach will form the basis for Budget 2022.