Fire Service hosts inaugural kids’ camp to educate on fire prevention, safety

Fifty primary and secondary-aged children from the community of Lodge, Georgetown, were engaged on fire safety and prevention mechanisms, when the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) hosted its inaugural ‘Blaze Busters Academy Kids’ Camp, on Saturday.

The main aim of the event is to instill in the children from the community a positive mindset that prioritises their safety, according to Chief Fire Officer (ag), Gregory Wickham.

Chief Fire Officer (ag), Gregory Wickham during remarks at the kids’ camp

The participants were engaged in several activities including first aid exercise and a strength test competition.

The event was hosted at the Guyana Fire Service Headquarters on Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown.

The CFO underscored that the activity was conceptualised with the strategic understanding that if children are educated about fire safety and prevention, the country could reap the benefits.

Fire prevention equipment

“It is important that we teach our little children the way forward or the things they can do and things they cannot do in order to make a safe home, community, and nation…So, we want you when get back home, all that you learned today, that you share with your siblings, parents, guardians and schoolmates when you get back to school,” Wickham expressed.

Guyana Fire Service’s ‘Blaze Busters Academy Kids’ Camp

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Dwayne Scotland, other firefighters, station officers, cadet officers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and parents were also present at the event.