First Family hosts Eid-ul-Fitr Dinner

– President Ali reaffirms gov’t commitment to core principles of justice, respect  

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali reaffirmed the government’s commitment to core principles of social, economic and political justice and the rule of law, which are all guiding the government’s development blueprint.

President Ali was at the time addressing hundreds of Muslims and Guyanese alike, gathered for the Eid-ul-Fitr dinner and cultural presentation hosted by the First Family on the lawns of the Muslim Youth Organisation along Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands, Georgetown.

The head of state also underscored principles of respect for women and children, community and leadership, highlighting a government focused on creating an equitable and inclusive society – a hallmark of the PPP/C Administration.

“Today, the government I am humbled to lead, has the greatest value of building a society that is equitable and a society in which you work to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry and no child is left without an education and no one, no household is left behind and every single Guyanese family can own a home,” he emphasised.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing the audience on Saturday night

However, the head of state cautioned that there will be individuals in society who will attempt to manipulate the truth and present inaccurate information. These are part of efforts to separate the party from the fundamental principles that it upholds.

President Ali also urged Guyanese to challenge each not with competition, but with good deeds.

He said he advocates for a society where individuals strive to outdo each other in acts of kindness and piety rather than in material wealth or power.

Importantly, he stressed the importance of overcoming past injustices by requiring those responsible to acknowledge their mistakes and seek forgiveness to forge a new path.

“You can’t claim to be a new democratic force unless you go through the process of acknowledging your sinful path, of acknowledging your injustices, of acknowledging all the things you would have done contrary to the rule of law and the democratic path. That’s not how it works,” President Ali stated.

A section of the crowd at the Eid-ul-Fitr Dinner on Saturday

He emphasised that for the PPP/C Administration, the presidency is not just a ceremonial position; it is a profound responsibility to serve the people and leave behind a stronger, more united nation.

“I would do myself the greatest injustice if I leave this responsibility that I am humbled to have, with your support, in a worst way than I found it, if I do not do what is best and utilize all that is before me, all the tools and opportunity that is before me and before this government, to leave behind a country that is stronger and more united  and the people that care for each other,” he articulated.

Guyana’s diverse culture and heritage, he said, is the greatest symbol of strength and hope as well as the greatest symbol of genuine peace and love.

A diverse group of people attended the celebratory dinner including those from different religions, ethnicities, and members of the cabinet, the business community, legal profession and members of the diplomatic corps. Several Muslim brothers and sisters were also recognized and awarded for their contributions in various sectors including education, business and religion.