Gaskin bids farewell to ministerial post

― noted that it was a privilege to have served as the Minister of Business for the 4-year period.

― thanked the staff of the Ministry of Business and its agencies for the “fine work and support” throughout his term

DPI, Guyana, Monday, April 29, 2019

In a post on social media network, Facebook, earlier today, former Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin said, “it was a privilege to have held, for the last four years” the office of Minister of Business of Guyana.

Gaskin’s farewell follows his resignation from the post as Minister of Business which became necessary as persons holding dual citizenship are not allowed to be Members of Parliament as supported by Article 155 (1) of Guyana’s constitution.

During his tenure as a minister, the ministry initiated the construction of industrial estate in Lethem and held the responsibility for the management of the industrial estates in Lethem, Belvedere, Eccles, and Coldingen. These industrial estates aim to support the manufacturing sector in those areas, both employment and to ultimately boost Guyana’s competitiveness.

Another successful project, in the sea of successes, launched by the Ministry of Business under the stewardship of his Gaskin, is the Guyana Trade and Investment Exhibition (GuyTIE) which was launched in September 2018. GuyTIE aims at creating opportunities for “export-ready” small businesses in Guyana with foreign buyers and other potential partners.

The former minister credited his achievements to the support garnered from the staff of the Ministry of Business and its agencies. He was thankful for the lessons learned from the Members of the Cabinet and the Members of Parliament.

He also acknowledged the staff of Parliament and members of the media and most importantly the members of the public who have shown much respect for his ministerial post.

Gaskin wrote, “at all times attempted to carry out [his] functions in a manner consistent with the standard of ministerial conduct and the responsibilities of the office” and that he considers it a “tremendous honour to have been allowed to serve” as the Minister of Business of Guyana.

Onika Bobb

Image: Department of Public Information