GCCI wants to collaborate with gov’t in its effort to promote greater technology use in businesses

Promoting the use of technology in the development of businesses is a main focus for the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), in recognising its role as a key stakeholder in the development of Guyana’s economy.

The Department of Public Information spoke with GCCI’s President, Kester Hutson on Wednesday and he noted that the body hopes to be a partner with the government to build out a diverse and advanced private sector.

President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kester Hutson

Hutson also stressed that local businesses must be able to adapt to the evolving world and Guyana’s changing landscape.

“We understand that there are quite a few challenges when it comes to the use of technology in Guyana. That is what we will be promoting too, digitisation, e-commerce, cyber security, those are the areas I will be focusing on in my tenure as president,” Hutson said.

He noted that there needs to be awareness and a culture change for this to happen.

“We have a responsibility as a chamber to provide as much information as possible to our members and even our non-members, to understand that this is going to add value to your business,” he added.  

The GCCI has been in existence for the last 134 years and has a membership of more than 825 persons.

As the membership continues to grow the GCCI is working to help small businesses through the different stages of development by establishing a member-to-member discount programme, mentorship, and collaborations via joint ventures among other initiatives.

“We want to lead that so we will be doing so in very short order, improving our outbound delegations to other chambers internationally to expose our members to international ways of doing business and looking to partner in terms of trade and commerce,” Hutson concluded.