GMC’s ‘Guyana Shop’ enlists several new products

― 14 agro-processing companies launched new products 

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Guyana’s local market has expanded with over thirty (30) new products from fourteen (14) different agro-processors hitting the shelves of the ‘Guyana Shop’ which is operated by the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC). The new products include seasonings, sauces, honey, wine, flour and soap.

The Guyana Shop has been in existence for over 30 years; it was re-opened in October 2013 to support local entrepreneurs by providing a platform through which local agro-processed goods may be marketed. Since its establishment, there have been vast changes in the agro-processing industry resulting in the production of over 200 local products.

With the increase in persons interested in agro-processing, the GMC has not only assisted agro-processors but is continuously working to develop value-added products from packaging to raw materials sourcing, labelling, as well as scientific assessments to improve the shelf life, taste and quality of products.

The corporation has also assisted entrepreneurs with the processing of business registration and acquiring food manufacturers’ license.

Below is a list of the agro-processors and their newly released product.

Local Agro-Processors Newly Released Products
1.      Pomeroon Oil Mills Five different Fragrance Scented Coconut oils (JUV)
2.     Luke’s Manufacturing All Purpose Seasoning, Hot Sauce, Honey, All Purpose Sauce
3.     Anne’s Products Fruity Chinese Sauce
4.     Guyana School of Agriculture Breadfruit Flour
5.     GT Wines Red wine, Jackfruit, Aunty Desmond, Plum
6.     Ambrosial Products Mauby Concentrate 10oz
7.     Pakaraima Flavours Pakaraima Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup 360ml, Pakaraima Salad Dressing 360ml;

Rupununi Essence Facial Cleanser (liquid),
Rupununi Essence Facial Cleanser (Soap)

8.     Morning Glory Molasses Flavored Rice Cereal
9.     Eat to Live Assorted jams, Grind Seasoning and Pepper Sauce
10.  OYONO Products Cassava Cassareep
11.   Sun Crest Farms Rainforest Honey
12.  Dieka’s Products All Purpose Seasoning, Chicken Seasoning, Chowmein Seasoning, Cook Up Seasoning, Fried Rice Seasoning, Fish Seasoning, Garlic Powder.
13.  Ambrosial Products Mauby Concentrate, Meat and Fish Seasoning
14.  Green Diamond Carambola Fruits, Plantain Flour, Cassareep, Cassava Bread, Pepper Sauce;

Power Mix: a powdered protein mix

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, Pakaraima Flavours held a sample session in the FoodMaxx Supermarket at the Giftland Mall. The exercise aimed to introduce their products to the public while garnering their view on the condiments.

All these products and more can be found at the Guyana Shop located in Georgetown at the corners of Alexander and Robb Streets, Lacytown.

Onika Bobb.

Image: Department of Public Information.