Gov’t commits to enhancement of St. John, Region Two

Several persons will soon be employed as Community Enhancement Workers (CEWs) to maintain the St. John community and the Primary School in Region Two.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall MP made this commitment to Headteacher of the school,  Roxanne Smith, during a recent outreach in the region.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Hon. Nigel Dharamlall MP

The headteacher told Minister Dharamlall that the school continues to be affected by floodwater almost every spring tide. She said this was highlighted to the previous administration on numerous occasions.

She said while works were done to improve the school’s drainage system and by extension, the community, the problem still persists.

“Children and teachers have to walk barefoot on the dam to get to school and now I ask you which school in Region Two is like that. I would like you to look into this matter so that the children and teachers of St. John and its community become like other communities…We don’t have any community enhancement workers cleaning the school,” the Headteacher said.

It was highlighted that the school has only been cleaned twice by CEWs in the catchment area. “How long must we suffer because of this, we need your help.”

After listening the concern, the Minister requested a list of those who are willing to be employed as a CEWs in the community.

“I had assumed that the CEWs employed in this catchment area clean every community and so we will need to rectify that by employing residents in the community to do these works,” Minister Dharamlall said. He said the regional engineer will also visit the community to inspect its drainage system to determine the extent of works to be undertaken.