Gov’t constructing new ‘Hope and Justice’ centre

A new facility dubbed the ‘Hope and Justice’ centre is currently being constructed along the East Coast of Demerara, making all the necessary services available under one roof.

The centre will assist persons seeking medical attention, counselling, legal aid, human rehabilitation services, and even shelter.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud underscored that the initiative is the first of its kind to be established along the east coast corridor and displays the PPP/C Administration’s commitment to addressing the needs of communities.

“Hope and Justice Centre that is being constructed on the East Coast Demerara corridor is a collaboration with the Ministry of Legal Affairs… We have put all the services you need under one roof,” Minister Persaud disclosed, during a community meeting Saturday, at the Victoria Community Ground.

Additionally, Minister Persaud reiterated the government’s commitment to improving the conditions for persons with special needs, especially children, with the launch of a new disability complex in Mahaica.

Dr Persaud noted that, “We are also focused on making sure that children who live with disabilities have a safe environment. So, we are building a brand-new facility for children who have disabilities and have no one to care for them.

“In that complex, we are also constructing two more residential facilities for persons that have disabilities and this is the first time this is happening in our country, where there is so much emphasis on people living with disabilities.”

Residents of Victoria

To further support the initiative, a training facility for persons living with disabilities is also being established, which will provide specialised education to help them lead fulfilling lives and become active contributors to society.

Meanwhile, the government is also paying much-needed attention to the well-being and safety of senior citizens, as Minister Persaud announces the construction of a new elder care facility. The building will be a haven for the elderly, similar to the Palms Geriatric Institution.