Gov’t continues to work to restore normalcy to Region Eight residents

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, May 22, 2017

Efforts to restore the livelihood of the flood affected residents in Region Eight continue as government moves with urgency to alleviate the effects of the flood, and any possible outbreak of waterborne diseases.

In an invited committed with media representatives Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said that the government continues to work with local organisations to send supplies into the flood affected communities.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon being greeted by residents of Itabac, Region Eight during his recent visit to the region

He said, “Every effort will be made on the part of the state and on the part of other organisations that are concerned to ensure that the comfort to which those persons are accustomed to will be restored in a very quick manner.”

A Ministerial team, along with a representative from the Amerindian Peoples Association recently visited the Itabac community where it was discovered that the water has receded. During the visit, there were meetings with the Toshao and residents to update them on the necessary steps to be taken that will bring them relief.

Minister Harmon noted that the residents were appreciative of the assistance from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and other organisations that have been supporting them.

The Minister of State pointed out that the government is ensuring that the residents continue to receive the necessary support. “Yesterday we were able to fly in supplies to Orinduik and from Orinduik we were able to utilise helicopter to move to Kanapang, Itabac and other communities, so it was really the state’s resources like boats and helicopters that had to transport the supplies. We will continue to support them,” Minister Harmon stated.

The Minister emphasised the destruction caused to the residents by days of heavy downpour. He reflected on the many homes that were

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon (centre), and other officials meeting with residents of the Itabac community, Region Eight during his recent visit to the community

completely destroyed and assets lost, and expressed gratitude to the businesses that have supported the flood affected communities.

“We already received donations from some of the big companies, and I want to thank them for that, the Civil Defence Commission does not keep supplies that are perishable so when these activities come up they have to purchase these items, but that is never enough, so we would have to resort to the community spirit of companies in Guyana so they can help in this effort and we’re thankful for their support,” Minister Harmon indicated.

The Minister is confident that the government will continue to provide the necessary support for all the flood affected communities; Kaibarupai, Waipa, Sandhill and Chenapou.

The CDC also received reports from regional authorities that several villages in Region Seven also experienced flooding, but not to the level of severity as the Region Eight villages. Paruima, Kako, Jawalla, Phillipai, Kamarang and Duebamang are the villages affected in Region Seven.

The flooding in both regions is mainly as a result of excessive recent rainfall in the highland regions.


By: Ranetta La Fleur